4 Benefits of Floating [Mini Blog]

Written by: The Intern

There is no doubt floating has had benefits for many people. From self introspection, to managing various pains in  your body, floating is growing to become an accepted form of healing of all sorts. Take a look at what Joe Rogan, host of "The Joe Rogan Experience", has to say in the first few seconds of this video.

Joe Rogan explains float tanks and the awesome potential you can achieve by floating.


Here is Tranquility Float Tank's quick mini blog on the 5 benefits of floating.

1. Relaxation

From personal friends I have talked to, as well as the testimonials like this (Float On Testimonials), this (Good Mythical Morning), this (our own testimonial page), and my own floating experience, the consensus is that floating is an extremely relaxing experience. Whether it's because of finally being able to find your breath, or disconnecting from the hectic world, it becomes a relaxing experience. Part of it also has to do with the fact that the epsom salts you float in produces serotonin, which is a mood enhancer that relaxes your body. This is a great alternative to therapy.

2. Accelerate your Meditation Learning Curve

I've noticed, ever since my first float, I had an easier time actually sitting down and meditating. After having had an extended experience of isolation without technology, besides sleeping, I realized, I can stay still for more than an hour, so 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night becomes much more manageable. Before that, there was doubt in my mind whether I could be still for even a couple of minutes. If you're looking to improve your meditation intervals, the float tank is a great tool to improve it.

3. Alleviation and management of diseases, disorders, anxiety, depression and Improvement in creative/athletic endeavors

Here's some research by Dr. Bordie and professor Thomas Fine. As this is a mini blog post, I won't be going into much detail, however, according to the article, these are some of things floating can help with:

  • Enhancement of scientific creativity, instrument flight performance, and piano performance
  • Improvement of pain management (96% being able to better cope with pain after floating)
  • Provide an immediate elevation in mood for the depressed

4. Raised self-awareness

I mentioned in my first post, I could objectively pinpoint when I'm addicted to attention. This was one of the several flaws I was able to see in myself after having my second float experience. I remember it happening in a Minority Report-like fashion, as I analyzed my past on this imaginary screen where I could see room for improvement in myself. In the video posted above, Joe mentions that the float tank has been "the most important tool that [he's] ever used for developing [his] mind". 

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Happy floating :)