Also known as Sensory Deprivation Tanks. Tranquility tanks provide true
weightlessness through floating. Our tanks contain 1,000 pounds of
epsom salts providing a sanitary and relaxing environment for you to
effortlessly relax.

We are in our 30th year of floating people.  In those 30 years, we have
pioneered the 90 minute float (60 minutes is the industry standard), 
tanking for two (people floating with a significant other in the same tank) 
and "thump and float" (receiving an awesome hand-held thumper
massage treatment prior to floating)

Our tanks are large - very comfortable for one person and wide enough
for two average sized people to float together!  

  • The salt solution is at body temperature
  • Calmer than being in the womb
  • Removes 95% -98% of stimulation and stress
  • 1 hour in the tank is equivalent to 4 - 6 hours sleep
  • Over twice the buoyancy of the Dead Sea!
  • Hygienic - salt is a natural disinfectant plus water is filtered
    between floats and purified by ultra-violet.

"When we shut out or restrict environmental stimuli, we become more aware of those things that are still available to us. In this case, after we have shut out light, sound, tactile sensations, gravity, other people and movement, what is left is our Self: the physical reality or our skeletal muscles, our internal systems, our brains; realities is of a subtlety and intensity simply not possible when our senses are directed outward, responding to external events."

                                                                         -from the Book of Floating by Michael Hutchison