It was amazing! So relaxing ... 

- Lindsay J, Financial Analyst 


As a first experience, I felt an amazing sense of oneness.

- Sarah M,  Labour & Employment Lawyer


Floating is in my experience the best way to experience a great deal of peace, and mental clarity in such a short amount of time. With all the stimuli and stress of the 21st century, it's almost impossible to feel a moment of peace and quiet anymore. 

During my first two floats, I actually ended up in a very deep sleep that took quite some time to wake me up from ... which just goes to show how much I needed the R&R. I plan on floating more on a regular basis, to achieve maximum benefit from the practice! 

- Patrick M, Professional Photographer


When I went for my first appointment, the staff were wonderful. They
prepared me as to what to expect and they answered all my questions. 
The tank was bigger than I imagined and I was relieved. I wasn't sure if I
could be in a confined space and I had some reservations about a
"sensory deprivation tank." It turned out to be a deep form of meditation
for me.

The salt water was soothing and the sensation of not feeling my body
weight was very freeing. After about fifteen minutes, I felt my body let go
 and I was able to go into a relaxing trance state. Time truly felt
suspended, when my session was over, I noticed right away that I was
breathing differently; more deeply and peacefully. I am definitely coming

- Linda, Social Media Specialist


I floated for the first time at this centre and it was a great experience. One thing the doctor and staff emphasized to me was the importance of being able to float for 90 minutes, which no other float spas provide. They told me that most customers don't get the full relaxing experience, and how 60 minutes is not optimal for achieving REM states. I had thoughts on how much difference 30 minutes can make, but I can clearly see why they have it like this. Had they pulled me out earlier, they would've caught me in the middle of the trance-like state I was in. This is exactly what you're coming here for. It was at the crucial point of the float, where I was most relaxed.

The pre-float and post-float showers are done in a really nice shower facility, with organic shampoo, conditioner, and soap. On a more personal note, I will definitely be coming back. I feel like I've just begun my journey into the world of floating.

- Kevin C, Website Designer